Who am I?

I am Evelyn Hargraves. I finished a 25 year career in PE teaching in July 2021 and I'm ready to start in a new direction, as a freelance photographer.

I’d like to share, with as many people as possible, my passion for the world around us. I take my camera with me whenever possible and I love capturing those special moments. You never know what you’ll see (and hear) when you are out and about with a camera.


I love the challenge of capturing moving subjects. A sequence of images through each movement of a tennis serve, the transference of weight through a pass in hockey, a flock of birds changing formation in each image, a waterbird coming in to land.


I sometimes notice situations causing others to wonder why I’m taking a photo! I particularly love contrasts in colour and texture; the changing colours within one leaf in autumn, the layers of shades in a scenescape as the mountains become more distant, the patterns of changes in currents in a loch, shadows on surfaces and reflections in water.


I enjoy people watching and capturing special, unposed moments which show interaction between friends, family, child and adult. I would love the opportunity to take photos of pets, either with their family or while they work or play. 


I have taken photos at Oxford Hawks Hockey club for the past few years. As well as team photos, the goal celebrations, the individual player's skill, I relish the opportunity to take action shots and observe interactions of both teams on and off the pitch. 


What do I offer – a creative package – I love seeing the image develop from the original version on the back of the camera to the final product, using only the cropping tool for the majority of my photos.

Welcome to my website! 

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